Foothill Technology High School Baseball Field Renovation Project (Prototype)

School History

Foothill Technology High School (FTHS) originally was constructed and founded in 2000-2001 school year by Ventura Unified School District (VUSD) with a vocational and technology focus. This small high school did not offer on-campus sports and thus no athletic facilities were constructed on-site. Then in 2013 with enrollment having grown to about 1,000 students, an athletics program was launched to open opportunities for high school students to play sports. FTHS noted that with this growth, managing its own athletics program posed fewer logistical issues for its athletes practice schedules, transportation, and coordination between schools.  The community and FTHS evolved to include sports within its educational mission, but athletic facilities are showing the limitations of lease agreements and deferred maintenance. 

The FTHS website states that

 “. . .athletes practice and play home games at state-of-the-art facilities in our community. Swimmers and water polo players use the Olympic-size pool at the Ventura Aquatics Center. Tennis, soccer, basketball, softball, and cross country athletes take advantage of collegiate facilities across the street at Ventura College. Other teams use VUSD facilities at other schools. Each Foothill team has a consistent home facility or field. "

Project Purpose

A place to play is not a home.  We can do better than consistent.

The Foothill Technology baseball team’s facility at Harry A. Lyon’s Park (150 De Anaza Drive, Ventura, CA 9300) needs repair, improvement, and a long-term ownership plan. Though FTHS has grown in both size and stature, its baseball field and facilities are nowhere close to state-of-the-art.  Along with immediate facility and safety improvements, long-term capital planning is required. Now is the time to do so.

The Vision

FTHS has a culture centered on academic excellence with the belief that students will succeed in a rigorous environment when they feel connected and supported by their school. A renovated ballpark is consistent with this mission and will reflect VUSD and the community’s commitment to its student athletes.

Baseball is a game where the goal is to safely make it home. The Foothill Dragon’s play on a city owned field. We are grateful for this ballfield, but the field does not feel like a ballpark - there is no scoreboard, the outfield fence doesn’t advertise local businesses; there no banners, and the backstop is bare. Nowhere to be found is the school or team name. It’s a rented space. 

Ballplayers need a home. A place where baseball players love to play.  Where Little Leaguer’s up the street can look over where the big boys are playing and wonder if they will ever play there, too. A ballpark where the Star-Spangled Banner is heard along with the crack of the bat. A place that feels good underfoot during a tough workout or batting practice, and where young men learn how hard work and practice make them better. A place that tells the community of Ventura that Dragon’s roam here with fire, pride, and spirit.