Project Fundraising and Goals

Ventura Unified School District and the Foothill Technology Baseball Team is asking you to be a part of our future. In 2023, our program had an all-time high of N-players. In the future, we seek to host not only conference games, but to host post-season games as well.  An improved ballpark will also provide rental revenue sources for VUSD.  

This site will be a home for our student athletes, but also showcase the support and pride we have within our local community. To continue providing a high-quality playing experience, FTHS baseball program invites you and/or your company or organization to partner with us to complete this renovation project.

On-site Branding

Dress for success.  When the FTHS baseball team has success, we need to look the part. Branding is a critical aspect of remaining competitive in the world today, and that includes education and athletics (including ballparks and baseball teams at all levels).  Like it or not, public education is in the promotion business for both students and taxpayer dollars as well. VUSD’s brand is a large part of its identity, and by extension this includes its schools. The current FTG Dragon home has no branding. Your contributions create a better ballpark. Sponsorship and advertising space are available. Inquire by contacting us.

Thank you 

Initial and long-range improvements may include:

  Fence     ■  Custom Team GPA Recognition Banner

Fundraising Progress