VUSD Facilities Master Planning  

Ventura Unified School District is committed to providing safe and well-maintained school facilities with optimal learning environments in support of its academic mission. In keeping with this commitment,

Ventura Unified School District launched a Long-Range Facilities Master Planning initiative in 2019 to accomplish the following goals and objectives:

Assess and prioritize current and future facility needs.

Identify associated costs to modernize, renovate and/or add facilities.

Transform current learning spaces to better meet the needs of future learners.

The plan will involve facility stakeholders including District administrators and department-heads, school principals, instructional staff, community representatives, student representatives, and architects, engineers, and planners. It is understood that the Long-Range Facilities Master Plan is a living document.

Components include steps such as:

Assess the physical conditions of all sites to determine the need for repair and/or replacement, prioritized by the nature and importance of each improvement.

Seek out community input and engage their active participation in the process.

Determine the costs of improvements at each site.

Prioritize all projects identified in the plan based on criteria set forth in the context of the process.

Develop a Facilities Master Plan that will serve as a “living document”, to be updated in the future as needs within the District evolve and change over time.

Baseball and Softball field improvements are currently not recommended or noted as a priority 1 or priority 2 within Athletics or Site Improvement recommendations within the Ventura Unified School District Long-Range Facilities Master Plan 2020-2030.

Program Facilities – Physical Education

(Spaces required to meet CA Department of Education guidelines for Physical Education)

• Gymnasium

• Auxiliary Gym

• Weight Room

• Locker Rooms

• Storage

• Staff office / restroom / changing space

Ventura’s Foothill Technology High School, along with its baseball team, parents, and coaches fully support and understand the prioritization of academic and school-site capital planning and deferred maintenance within (Measure E) bond expenditures. We do seek, however, to be informed and engaged within the Long-Range Facilities Master Plan framework. We believe sports’ fields are a critical part of physical education program facilities.